Front-End Developer
Aptex is a browser based property management SaaS with a responsive residents portal and payment solution.
I was responsible for collaborating with the design and product teams to develop the front-end aspects of a property management SaaS web application and enhance user experiences.
Our sidebar filters were becoming complex and started presenting a problem both functionally and visually. We needed a solution that could scale more elegantly and would reduce visual noise within the page.

First, we documented the problems we need to solve using sticky notes. Writing these down allowed us to qualify a solution on how many of the issues it solved.

In order to rapidly brainstorm we posted our stickies on the whiteboard and began by just quickly throwing out solutions. Everything was written down. Even the ones we didn’t think would work.

Once we had a list, we started eliminating those we felt weren’t solving any of our goals. We narrowed it down to three possible solutions. During this process, we took notes on any questions that arose during the discussion.

We quickly wireframed our solutions out on the board and walked through our stickies with each solution. Documenting where the solution broke down.

Once we finalized our solution we quickly hi-fi wireframed it and then prototyped it for testing.

This solution addressed all six of our goals and allowed us to answer a couple questions that were discussed during the process.
Filter Issues
UX/UI Design