Masterful Movie Movement

In 2019 I meet a gentlemen trying to get his movie project off the ground. He had limited resources so I offered him my services pro-bono which included branding, design, and development for Master Movie Movement.
I was tasked with designing a brand that could convey the founders vision through the development of design assets, print collateral and a website.
Freelance Project
Designer & Developer
March 2019 - June 2019
Masterful Movie Movement was looking for someone to replace their current designer and developer to enhance the brand. Having limited resources and unable to move forward without help I offered my services pro-bono.

This project involved several design elements as well as a website that required a backend to manage users, post, as well as ecommerce. This project started off with a brand analysis to determine the brands voice and visual elements. We wanted the brands voice to embodied more positive context instead of the current negative context it could have. This started with updating the mission statement to remove words that seems divisive and negative like frustrated, like-minded, subpar, and return too and use a more positive aspect like enjoy, support, foster, tomorrow, and give.

We also wanted to bring a more cohesiveness, consistency across mediums as well as convey the ideas of movement forward. Without this the brand missed the opportunity to build trust. This meant simplifying the visual identity so that it was easily recognizable and allow it to be used across multiple mediums.

To quickly get a site up and running, I chose nuxt, a vue.js framework, along with stripe for payment processing and firebase for the backend.