UX/UI Redesign
In 2017 Rindle was a young SasS startup looking for a UX designer and developer that could help them accomplish their goals as they started to grow as a workflow tool as well as assist in improving the marketing website.
My primary contribution was understanding our users pain-points within our application to create a more intuitive user experience while balancing our core business objective allowing our user's understand and use our application effectively.
To gain insight we started by assess the business objectives for the future of the product. We were able to conduct a few customer interviews which help gain insight into their pain-points and priorities to insure we met their needs too.

A heuristic analysis of our product was conducted to find any additional issues as well as a competitive analysis to see how we could improve.

We knew features were becoming difficult to add into the existing product because of a lack of a design system. This led to UI inconsistencies which could confuse the user and the lack of intuitive organization placed unintentional cognitive load on the user. We also weren't providing the appropriate feedback to user during their journey.

In order to make the changes we needed to address some challenges first. Initially we need to make the application responsive to address the lack of a mobile app at the time. We also had existing development constraints such as a legacy code base and an application that was becoming more complex. The current system at the time was not flexible enough to accommodated for these changes.

Our solution standardize pages and simplify the interface. This placed only the necessary actions front and center for the user and reduce the visual noise. We also wanted to create a seamless experience so we removed toolbars and simplified the color scheme.
Senior UX Engineer
UX, UI & Front-End Development